The protocol allows to create DeFi smart-contract pools for collecting liquidity from contributors with further liquidity management on DeFi markets. Pool owner transparently manages contributors funds through the smart contract. Cooperation between parties is based on a profit-sharing model. This is not just a vision – they have already launched its MVP with 25,000 registrated users.

As they are the official partner of Binance exchange and authorized broker, people joining the platform can do it directly through its interface – avoiding many additional procedures. All of the participants can earn high APY through copying top traders – EXCAVO Team the #1 crypto trading expert according to TradingView rating, is official advisor of the GT-Protocol.

Whole ecosystem is a combination of various types of integral tools: DeFi Investment Pools (cryptocurrency trading, portfolio investments, yield farming, NFT, GameFi guilds, IDO investment pools), Decentralized social trading protocol for Dexes, Enhanced crypto trading Terminal (LONG/SHORT with up to 10x laverage on DEXes), Cryptocurrency algo trading, DAO governence and many more. GT-Protocol has a solid and experienced team with outstanding partners who will support its incubation and then its development stage. Stay tuned for further updates!

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