We would like to present our next strong project, which we are going to support – SpaceY2025!

This is a pioneering metaverse NFT sandbox tower defense 3A-level blockchain game about Martian settlements created by Blockfish, which is headquartered in Silicon Valley. The team has ten year experience in the development and distribution of well-known games around the world, and some of their workplaces include Tencent, EA, Zynga, MZ.

A huge NFT metaverse is built in a universe that interconnects the virtual world. Gaming, social networking and the encryption economy are merged here. The one of most important thing is fact that they’ve already released v1 with land composed of 360 pieces, where players can transfer and trade through SPAY.

In the first private round they have raised $4.65 million from many prominent capitals like: F2Pool, Longling Capital, Neo Eco, FBG, Bonfire Union, BTCChina, LinkVC, CollinStar, Fission, NCTY, Formless, Geekbeans Capital, Lancer, Titan, Hotbit and Zonff.

Lately they have acquired also such big names as Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures…. and Draper Dragon! Chinese division of Tim Draper has invested $1,75 million in both tokens and equity in SpaceY2025. They have already very successful projects like Telegram, VeChain and Ledger in their portfolio.

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