About us

The project is directed to the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, to people like us. Many years of experience have allowed us to learn this market deeply. Successful investment decisions were the starting point for going a step further. One day we asked ourselves, why not share this experience with other people?

The idea of creating DEC.ventures was born at the beginning of 2021. However, to stand out from the competition requires more than that. The huge cryptocurrencies boom allowed us for a detailed analysis of the market. We have created a win-win model based on synergy, and here is the effect.


Our biggest target is to build a community and provide them a solid education materials and informations. It would seem that the market is too saturated with this type of content, but we know from research and observations that many of them are only operate when the bull market is current or they just focus on promoting their products.

When there is a crisis on the market, projects disappear from it as quickly as capitalization. As individuals, we have been here all the time since 2016. We hope that the synergy we will create, will lead us to something new in the coming years. Something innovative.

Venture capital will allow us to investing in the blockchain and other companies at the early stage of development. We would like to be fully involved in this project, offer our services and live with them. We want to work with the best and become the best ourselves. Our competencies can deliver value and vice versa. Each successfully implemented project is a priceless experience for everyone of us. Potential investment returns will be a side effect of our development.


As the CEO of Kaby Arena, I appreciate the professionalism, support and the commitment of DEC.ventures. DEC.ventures has been with us since the very first days of Kaby Arena and they have been proactively supporting the projects in many ways: giving constructive criticism, financial investment, and helping us building the community through hosting of livestream AMA, quizzes, contests and community offerings. Most of all, they put their trust in us right from the start which was essential for us to transform Kaby Arena from an idea into the product it is today. 

With that being said, I strongly recommend DEC.ventures as an invaluable partner and investor for any project!

Nhan Bui, CEO Kaby Arena