Duckie Land is a multiplatform multiplayer online game that runs on the blockchain, and each Duckie is a non-fungible token or NFT. Millions of people can participate in the NFT world and earn reward tokens through skillful gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem. Duckie Land gives gamers ownership of in-game assets and allows them to increase their value by actively playing the game.

The Duckie game will have a proper balancing mechanism over the Duckie population. Players can combine the Duckie they have acquired into a rare and hard to get Duckie. All participants will be able to buy or rent land NFT, which can be upgraded or customized. On these lands  community can mine, build shops, generate various types of resources, host NPCs and many more. 

To participate in Duckie metaverse and be able to use some of its additional functions, players have to purshase $MMETA (Duckie Multi Metaverse) Token. Other in-game currency – $WAFER – will be distributed to Duckie members as a reward, especially for winning the battles. Both of them will have other utilities, but playing using it will delivery more fun to the community. The vision of this advanced metaverse game is supported by some prominent backers like: Exnetwork, Avstar, Signal Ventures, DCI, Inifnity, Tokocrypto and many more!

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