The project is going to deploy one-stop-shop application enabling systematic purchase of a selected part of the market, thanks to FiPi Crypto Indexes. There will be various types of indexes in the future, including different crypto-sectors.  The creation of them will be in the hands of a professional, experienced, and independent entity with an excellent reputation in the financial world – BITA GmbH. 

FiPi APP will ensure that the collected cryptocurrencies remain in relation to each other in accordance with the FiPi Indexes. It makes simple financial solutions more accessible for every user – even less related to the cryptocurrency market. It is passive managment of the  dollar cost averaging. The native token will be implemented with the burning model to ensure sustainability of the whole ecosystem.

The launch of the project is planned on the end of the Q1. After the IDO on several leading platforms, team is going to release the app shortly, to enable every user to start their adventure with the convenience way of saving and invesitng money. They are hosting cyclical AMAs, contests and many interesting activities to educate the community. Stay tuned for further announcements!

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