DeFiYield is the safe place to access DeFi, thanks to its innovative suite of auditing and asset management tools. The team has worked over a year, having an already-live product with around 10,000 daily users on the website. This is all the more remarkable as the founders invested $1.5 million of their own money and delivered the vision without external funding. 

The product is mainly based on World’s First X-Ray Smart Contract Vulnerability Scanner and Asset Management Dashboard, which are working already on the 14 chains. There are many additional features which allow users to have view on their portfolio performence (including assets, positions, P/L, Impermanent loss Calculator etc.) and obtain a „Personalized Risk Assessment”. DefiYield is an aggregator where access to all DeFi functionalities is possible in the one place.

The further development and expansion phase of DefiYield is possible, in addition to the team’s great effort, thanks to the many investors and advisor collaborating with it. Project supporters include, among others: Shima Capital, Stephen Tse (founder of Harmony), Mounir (founder of Paraswap), Kain (Founder of Synthetix), Kevin Hu (GP at Dragonfly), Justin Lee (Coinbase Ventures) Blockchain Founders Fund, Swissborg, Owl Ventures, Contango, Ferreum, Spark Digital Group, KeyStone Capital, Parsiq, Insignius Capital and many more. The launch will take place in January 2022, so stay tuned!

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