At DEC.Ventures we not slowing down and today we are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement and invested in a very promising project called DareNFT. This is another well-suited addition to our portfolio allowing us to dive deeper into the NFT metaverse!

DareNFT aims to revolutionise the NFT world with what they call “NFT 2.0”. They will open up the NFT-world to global adoption among artists by introducing such exciting features as co-owning an NFT with the ability to gain derivatives from them and offering innovative “NFT as a service model”

Their all-star team working on the projects involves professionals that used to work for companies such as Sotatek or Topica Edtech Group with support of advisors including Thi Truong from Icetea Labs and Victor Tran from Kyber Network.

The all-star team also has an all-star backers list among which you will find DEC.Ventures: AU21 Capital, Kyber Network, X21, Icetea Labs, Moonwhale, Basics Capital or Magnus Capital!

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