Decentralization, economy and cryptocurrencies in these areas begins the project, aimed largely at the Polish community, but with international ambitions.

The core of our activities is venture capital. We intend to invest private funds in cryptocurrency projects at the early stages and develop them together with the creators by offering a number of services related to marketing, substantive and technical support. We realize that without adequate resources, breaking into the mainstream is difficult, sometimes even impossible. We commit all our strength to the development of the project, because “their success is our success”.

The first part of the project is also the construction of a community focused on cryptocurrencies regardless of the level of advancement, without categorizing into better and worse, richer and poorer. We provide you with a discord chat at the beginning as a place to discuss all kinds of topics. You will find people with similar interests there, a large dose of information and humor.

There will be professional and detailed project analyzes. We will publish reports and our own thoughts on the market. Assess where we are and what direction we can go. We will prepare a video section where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and useful tools for maximizing your profits. However, it will never be a place for signals of what to buy or when to sell.

The second draft will be announced in due course. Without revealing details or a declaration of dates. I can only assure you that if we manage to deliver the whole concept to the end, everyone who will be with us from the beginning will be properly rewarded.

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