Plena is the world’s first holistic and interoperable mobile application enabling leveraging of the full DeFi potential. Plena users will be able to explore the entire DeFi market from one app, based on the unprecedented scalability of the Polygon network. The mobile protocol is based on a multi-chain infrastructure with fast and gasless transactions. Plena is being built by a team of crypto OGs, who previously worked in leading cryptocurrency projects like EasyFi, Defi11 or Pandora Protocol.

Plena Finance offers immediate DeFi access, portability, and accessibility with push notifications and real-time alerts. It aims at convenience and interoperability while maintaining the highest safety standards. The app intertwines various functionalities such as: Lending-Borrowing, Social Trading, Diversified Money Market and many more.

The whole $PLENA ecosystem will have even more extensive features. Participants will be able to trade on the NFT marketplace, provide liquidity and use Variable Asset Vaults. A buy-back program fueled by protocol revenues will further drive $PLENA value. Additionally, active community members will earn further rewards!

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