Plutonians is a MMORPG VR Space Game powered by Solana featuring an NFT Shipyard, Game Builder, Story Editor and a great introduction to DeFi and blockchain for new audiences. It is built in the spirit of opennes that the Metaverse demands. Plutonians is a persistent-state web3 video game Using a combination of WebXR and Unreal Engine 5, players can look forward to exploring the Plutonians universe across multiple screens. 

The team from U. A. Fabrica will bring many exciting features to the community. Players will be able to administrate the Story editors and use Spaceship component editor (custom NFT system), so they can create whatever they want in the  various combinations. Thanks to the $PLD and $RPC tokens they can participate in the in-game economy, markets and trading systems – including NFT Marketplace, in-game DEX AMM, in-game Yield Farms and in-game lending platform. 

The project has released VR demo available on its website. The next step is the official launch on the leading incubation platforms, which allow users to purchase the in-game tokens within this quarter. The long-term vision of the Plutonians is support by many meaningful partners, such as: Dreamboat capital, Fairum, MH ventures, Fish DAO, Dutch Crypto Investors and many more. Stay tuned for further announcements!

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