Welcome to the world of gaming guilds

At DEC.Ventures we are always trying to make our portfolio as rich as possible and cover different parts of the market. Today we are proud to announce that we have made our first investment in a gaming guild – Astra Guild Ventures (AGV)!

AGV is one of the biggest blockchain gaming guilds with a community of over 50.000 people on Discord alone. They are also already very successful generating income from their gaming activities. The AGV DAO will bridge the players and investors in order to create an impressive profit-making organisation.

With an extremely experienced team operating on the P2E gaming market for months already they have created an innovative earning dashboard that gives them an edge over other guilds.

AGV has succesfully closed Private A funding round in which we have participated among such VCs as: Kangaroo Capital, OIG, Halvings Capital, Gains Associates or GDA Capital.

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