Edge is the global leader and first mover in Web3 Live Video at the forefront of the decentralized Watch to Earn revolution. The Edge player can be added to any website, smart TV or mobile app. It already is a fully functioning product with a live CDN which has over 300 integrated TV channel partnerships including Bloomberg TV, Poker Night, Euro News and Biz TV. 

The native project token $EAT is needed to watch premium video content, use AdFree Viewing and buy FaiCE NFTs. The NFTs represent a personality recognized by the proprietary AI detector and grant their holders $EAT tokens whenever their NFT personality is detected on any livestream. Over 300,000 unique personalities have already been scanned.

On top of that publishers and watchers can benefit from the Edge platform in various ways. Publishers buy tokens on the market and add to their reserve pools, which distribute rewards among the audience of a specific stream.

Edge was kickstarted in 2019 and since then has developed due to the efforts of an extremely strong team. Its members have many years of experience in key roles major corporation. The CEO, Joe, has been voted the IAM Top 300 US IP Strategist 2021. The Edge advisory board consists of Developers and Tech/Media executives from Verizon, Disney, Citibank, Intel and C-Suite TV.

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