We invite you to read our analysis of the Kaby Arena ecosystem. As an investor in the private phase, we have made every effort to thoroughly analyze the project. We are convinced that the combination of the Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn formulas will make games like Kaby Arena succesful and keep the community entertained for mamy months to come. Analysis of the Kaby Arena.

We present Kaby Arena

Kaby Arena is a Free-to-play NFTs game where everyone can take part in without the hassle of a big initial cost. Kaby Arena employs the Play-to-earn model and rewards players with Kaby tokens through dynamic gameplay and their participation in PvP tournaments. With this seamless combination of the two models, Kaby Arena gives players the opportunity to play and work at the same time.

To make a friendly environment for F2P players who are unfamiliar with Cryptocurrency market and NFTs, a mechanism called Crypto War is incorporated into the gameplay to give incentives to such players to do their own research and understand the market.

Analysis Kaby Arena
Kaby Arena

Kaby arena is the combination of Free-to-Play and Play-to-earn models, where every player can enjoy the game all while creating values and making the Play-to-earn model true to its name by minimizing the risk of high initial cost.

Players can earn by:

  • Sell in-game drops such as loot-boxes and resources on the marketplace
  • Mint heroes into NFTs and put them on sale or for rent out
  • Winning periodical tournaments and events hosted by us
  • Waging against each other in PvP mode
  • Staking their Kaby tokens or NFTs

More information you can find in Whitepaper

Team Kaby Arena

Analysis Kaby Arena
Team Kaby Arena

Thi Troung, their advisor, is a well known person in the crypto space. He is a founder of Polkafoundry and he previously worked in Kybernetwork team and also in several companies dealing with software. Thi was also resposible for helping in projects like: Genesis Shards, Polkarare, Polkaplay.

Roadmap Kaby Arena

July, 2021

Game development

Smart Contract development

Token public sale

The public sale will be carried out by DAO Maker and Redkite (owned by Polkafoundry)

August, 2021
September, 2021

Staking program

Open marketplace for the palyers to trade their NFT

Launch of MVP on iOS and Android

Public demo version of game, NFT owners can preview their purchase

October, 2021
November, 2021

PvE game mode

Players can start trading their loot-boxes and in game marketplace.

PvP game mode

PvP waging is enabled. Rank system & matchmaking algorithm. Open workshop

December, 2021

Token Kaby Arena

The utilities creating demand:

  • Exchange for gold for in-game upgrades
  • Speed up time-gated content
  • Mint NFT from in-game heroes/items
  • Buy / rent NFT assets
  • Open loot-boxes
  • Wage on PvP battles
  • Staking
Private and public phase sales table

Token and vesting

Token Symbol: KABY
Total supply: 1 000 000 000
Hardcap: 1 605 000$
Seed Sale: 100 000$
Private sale: 1 085 000$
Public sale: 420 000$
Initial Market Cap: 628 367$
Initial Circulation Supply: 89 766 714
Total Diluated Market: 7 000 000$

Vesting table

Targets and plans

We understand the importance of having a strong community, especially with a game like Kaby Arena which wants to make the Esports scene. We plan for a workshop in December, 2021 to get the feedback from the community. Furthermore, in every tournament as mentioned above, we would like to welcome content creators to take part in the events such as providing artwork, video sketch, cosplay competition, etc.

We would also create forums for players to discuss their latest strategy, discussion about the meta and way to counter “overpowered” heroes

Partners Kaby Arena

Ziga Games

Ziga game studio – specializes in mobile and internet games. Since the company was founded in 2014, they have developed over 15 titles and their metrics are impressive: over 1mln of total downloads and around 300k daily users. The most known are: Ziga chess, Galaxy Attack and Candy Kingom.

File:Logo-Rikkei.png - Wikimedia Commons

Rikkeisoft is a global software outsourcing company with expertise in modern application development for a wide range of industries.

Online/HN] Công Ty Công Nghệ Icetea Labs Tuyển Dụng Community Administrator  Part-time 2021 (Thời Gian Làm Việc Linh Hoạt) - YBOX

We supportvisionary founders and energetic teams to create a long-lasting positive impact through decentralization technologies.

DAO Maker and Redkite

These two platforms will be responsible for the public sale, which is scheduled for the end of August. The details and size of the allocation will be announced directly to interested parties. We hope you liked our analysis of the Kaby Arena. Share!

Website: http://kabyarena.com
Telegram: https://t.me/KabyArena
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KabyArena
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa3Hb97pWO25UUL1UvVo-sA
Whitepaper: Click


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