We are always seeking for real gems on the market – that’s why we choose Game Lounge!

They are delivering a multitude of easily-accessible popular board, bar and arcade games to broad public in order to tap into the huge potential of gaming industry. This metaverse based project will be created as private gaming hub. Every player will be able to personalize his own room, invite friends, play games and even earn money on it!

To participate in this incredible metaverse games-world, players will need $GLT token which allow them to engage in tournaments, ranked games with leaderboards and one-on-one challenges. Additionally, they are going to implement a marketplace, where community can trade their accessories and NFTs.

The team consist of five prominent Poles with many years of experience and strong crypto-connections. They already closed the seed round and get on board two advisors: Anthony Vo – CFO of Kardiachain and a wellknown gaming advisor – Kevin Abdulrahman. They are also backed by their strategic partner – Moonstarter.

Game Lounge officials expect the IDO to happen in Q1 2022 on one of the largest platforms – so follow their social channels and do not miss this event. This won’t be the only opportunity to get their token earlier, so stay tuned!

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