DEC. Ventures has pleasure to announce strategic partnership with SIDUS™ – The City of NFT Heroes! DEC.Ventures continues investing into promising project from gaming/metaverse area. SIDUS is next-generation browser gaming metaverse giving a distinct footprint in “play to earn” model. This concept gives players ownership rights over all in-game items and incentivizes them to play and progress through the game.

SIDUS™ – The City of NFT Heroes tends to build unique metaverse having wide scope of various NFTs with broad utility. Moreover Sidus is the first-ever blockchain game to incorporate WebGL into its technical architecture. This technology is used for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser. It is compatible with Unreal Engine 5 and supports high-quality 3D art and a high-efficiency engine.

Current funding round is already closed and among prominent investors are: ICE Tea labs, Space Swap, seedThrift Ventures, Dext force Ventures, DreamBoat Capital, Seedify, Avstar Capital and of course DEC.Ventures. We have no doubts that SIDUS will create great metaverse for thousands of players!

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