We are happy to announce a new addition to our portfolio – SportFi. The project team impressed us with their strong overarching ecosystem vision. SportFi offers diverse games, farming, and NFT Marketplace and decentralized land. The players are able to stake, buy/sell or lend/borrow their NFT cards boosting their winnings and entertainment experience.

The decentralized gaming platform on BSC, Polygon and ICP already boasts three working games. Further ones will shortly be added to the roster building up their metaverse vision. On top of that gaming investors like yield guilds can buy NFT characters for their scholars to play-to-earn and acrue interest and appreciation of their investments.

SportFi has raised a total of $1.5 million in seed and private rounds. They have stout backers, including Exnetwork Capital, RedHat Capital, Golden Shoval Capital, OIG Capital, Dreambot Capital, Gems Lab Venture, J8 Venture, Alpha Sigma Capital, Kopman Capital and the IBC Group. SportFi is well on its way to unlock the metaverse potential of DeFi and NFTs and bring gaming to life.

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