This time we have started a lucrative collaboration with Hololoot project. They are The first AR NFT Generator and Marketplace powered by Enjin. Their solutions are gonna change whole crypto-space, on account of bringing 3D assets from all over the metaverse into reality through their proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) tech stack.

The company was established in December 2019 in Poland. It shows that strong teams signed with a Polish accent are going to increase innovation on the cryptocurrency market, especially we are one of the most numerous nations in Europe when it comes to adoption. We are going to create together many possibilities to keep local community growing, using the product and earning revenues.

teaser of HoloLoot app

To this day they have received $330k of public grant. Due to that, combined with a impressive effort of a six-person team, Hololoot prepared the Alpha Version, before the launch of the token announced on Q4!

Their technology will allows every participant to mint, publish, buy and sell AR NFTs. Additionally, holders will receive a cut of revenues as staking rewards. They are backed by Legion Ventures and Kangaroo Capital. More outstanding investors are gonna be announced soon, so stay tuned for further informations!

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